A little about me…

Hey, y’all! My name is Lee and I am a web developer born and raised in Memphis, TN currently residing in Bartlett, TN with my wife and our kids, 2 cats, and 1 rescue pup named Whiskey.

I have several years of practical WordPress, e-commerce, and SEO experience freelancing for numerous small businesses. This is a WordPress site using the Elementor theme. Wanting to build on my WordPress knowledge I am currently attending NuCamp’s “Full Stack Web + Mobile Development“. I have completed their “Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python” and “Web Development Fundamentals” courses. Feel free to check out some of my work here or visit my React.Js app at LeeOtts.com


Memphis Web Developer

In 2012, I broke 8 vertebrae and had multiple surgeries to repair the damage. They were compression fractures with limited spinal cord damage.  Luckily, I can walk, and other than some pain and numbness/weakness of the left arm my life is going pretty great. 

I needed to find something to do, a means of escape, and that is how I found photography. I started in the backyard with astrophotography because that was about all I could physically do. Slowly as I healed, I began taking pictures of everyday life, and then a friend asked me to take some pictures. Next thing you know I have multiple cameras, boom mics, and wireless mics, and I built a computer to handle all that.

Next came trying to figure out what to call my business. It’s common for photographers to refer to themselves as shooters, even in the dictionary.

So taking my injury into consideration and a little help from Webster’s BrokenShooter.com was launched.

I was always good with computers so I started tinkering with web design. I started with Joomla and then moved to WordPress. And then people started asking me to make their websites.

Taking freelance jobs is a great way to help cover my medical costs.

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