Lee being interviewed about Facebook removing social media pages for legal hemp businesses

In 2012 I broke 8 vertebrae and required multiple surgeries. I followed doctors’ orders for a couple of years, and all that did was leave me taking 14 different prescriptions while still being in pain. That was when I tried an alternative… cannabis. I cried the first time I used it medicinally because after all those years, the “voice of the pain” quieted in my head.

That led me to form a non-profit in Memphis, NORML Memphis. For many years I served on the board as Communications Director, then eventually being voted into the Director slot, which led to some news articles. From helming the largest cannabis event in Tennessee with over 100 vendors and thousands of guests to leading a rally outside the state capitol building or fighting with Facebook to restore my nonprofit pages and guiding small business owners on how to restore their social media pages if Facebook “mistakenly” deleted their pages too. I’m proud of them, so if you wanna check them out, click the header and it will take you to the site.

CBD groups booted off Facebook as FDA plans to regulate cannabinoids