I got into videography around the same time I got into photography. It is common for me to work an event solo where I would set up the video cameras, check audio levels, and then move to a DSLR and start snapping pictures of the event or show. 

After honing my skills in capturing and editing the video for a varity of different types of live events, I started picking up more challenging projects. I have edited, comedic street interactions, music videos, and short films including festival-nominated short films


Canon Video Camera for extended recordings, Canon SLR, GoPro Hero, and a DJI drone always ready to catch the perfect shot


RodeCaster Pro, Rode Shotgun Mic, Rode Lapel Mic and Reciever, Zoom Audio Recorder with Adobe Audition to blend and tweak audio to perfection.


When streaming you got one shot to get it right. I use OBS Software, Laptop, RGB Lights, Rode Lapel and Shotgun mics, and a StreamDeck to help with streaming production.


Adobe Creative Cloud products such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for video. Adobe Audition for sound

Video Portfolio